Automobile Manufacturer.
This world renowned car manufacturer became well known for its hand-built, luxury automobiles which cost $4,750 as early as 1917 and included details like silver fixtures from Tiffany’s, velvet upholstery, and electric intercoms. There was no “assembly line” and 1918 company policy actually required that no more than four of these custom built cars be produced per day. Locomobile was founded in May of 1899 and pioneered the development of steam, gasoline, and electric engine vehicles. Chief Engineer, Andrew L. Riker, developed a powerful gas-powered truck that was used heavily during WWI and his “Old 16 Locomobile” was the first American car to win the coveted Vanderbilt Cup in 1908. The company over-expanded during the late 1920’s and had closed its doors by 1930. The Locomobile plants were located at the foot of Bridgeport’s Main Street, on the edge of Seaside Park where the United Illuminating Company has its oil tanks.