"An Interview About My Life? I'm Just an Ordinary Person"
925 Broad Street Bridgeport, CT 06604
"An Interview About My Life?
I'm Just an Ordinary Person"
That was often the response when the History Center staff asked local residents if we could ask them about their work experiences in Bridgeport. "I didn't have an important job," they frequently added. Somewhat reluctantly, they finally agreed to be interviewed.

Later, as the tape recorder clicked off, the person being interviewed was just getting warmed up. Fascinating stories about living in Bridgeport flowed like the waters of the Pequonnock River. Included were details of an ordinary person's daily life that gave insight into the past decades, moments that were hard to visualize for any newcomer to the City.

What was it like to work and live in Bridgeport, Connecticut, during the past century? Who else could tell us but people who worked on the line in the factories; sold goods behind the counter at a department store; taught children in the local schools; ran a travel agency, worked as a housewife, drove a truck, or ran one of the many other prosperous businesses that helped Bridgeport grow and develop.

We thank the people whom we interviewed for sharing their life stories. You are not only interesting, your lives are remarkable. We are happy to share your stories with many generations to come. Who else could tell us what it was like to work in Bridgeport, Connecticut, during the 20th Century?
Mary K. Witkowski
Head Emeritus, Bridgeport History Center
Bridgeport Public Library

Elizabeth Van Tuyl
Bridgeport History Center

Nick Roman
Library Assistant

Robert Jefferies
Library Assistant

Bridgeport History Center Staff, Emeritus:
Betty Goldman,
Roseanne Mansfield
and John Geotsa

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